History of Estonian cattle breeding is very long.

Thanks to farmers´ hard work and breeding success, Estonian average milk production ranks the 2nd position in Europe after Denmark. 95% of dairy cattle is under the milk recording.

The main 2 dairy breeds in Estonia are Estonian Holstein (EHF) (79,8%) and Estonian Red (ER) (19,3%). 0,6% is Estonian Native Cattle which is in danger. In 2017, average milk production per cow was 9905 kg (EHF) and 8591 kg (ER). 15% of Estonian herds produce more than 10000 kg of milk per cow in average.

Beef cattle breeding is developing rapidly. There are 13 different beef breeds recorded (Ab, Ba, Au, Bb, Ga, Hf, Li, Pi, Sa, Si, Gr, Ch, Hc), totally ~35000, 42% of them are purebred. The most popular is Aberdeen-Angus followed by Limousine and Hereford.

Estonian cattle is known for it´s high genetic potential and good health and therefore cattle has been exported to many countries worldwide.