In 1993 founded Animal Breeders´ Association of Estonia (ABAE) is a private organization joining dairy and beef breeders.

Cooperative ownership in breeding sphere is very common worldwide. ABAE cooperates with European and American organizations in exchange of breeding materials and information, common seminars and conferences are arranged, foreign experts judge national shows.

ABAE has 450 members who are active farmers and use services offered by association.

The main activities are herdbook keeping; collection, storage and marketing of semen and embryos; AI activities; issuing pedigree certificates; organization of cattle shows; cattle and semen import-export; evaluation of AI bulls and training for farmers.

Fact that our herdbook celebrated 135thanniversary in 2020 proves the continuity of historical cattle breeding traditions in Estonia.

Nearly 300,000 doses of high quality semen are produced in ABAE AI station per year. AI station is approved according to EEC88/407 regulation which allows selling semen all over EU. We have exported semen to Latvia, Lithuania, Russia, Germany, Turkey and The Netherlands.

ABAE certifies AI technicians. There are more than 400 AI technicians.

Improvement of feeding and farm conditions has increased breeding success. Half of Estonian dairy cattle are housed in modern farms reconstructed or built after 2002. Increased milk production and free status from infectious diseases have made Estonian cattle attractive for foreign farmers. Since 1991, Spain, The Netherlands, Italy, Kazakhstan, Lithuania, Latvia, Malta, Moldova, Poland, Romania, Georgia, Turkey, Uzbekistan, Ukraine, Belarus and Russia have bought breeding heifers from Estonia.

ABAE is in close cooperation with Estonian University of Life Sciences to develop new breeding and AI techniques. In 2007, in the premises of ABAE in Märja experimental farm of the university was opened to support studies of animal husbandry and scientific work.

ABAE is an active member of the World Holstein-Friesian Federation, the European Holstein and Red Holstein Confederation, the Association of European Red Dairy Breeds, and the World Hereford Council. Together with Rural Development Foundation the best dairy and beef breeders are selected every year.